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Actors can now post their headshots and vital statistics
ON THE LOT (OTL), the website for the new Spielberg/Burnett show. I have no idea whether or not it could result in any casting for the show, but the site seems a good place to network with filmmakers. (Filmmakers have posted a lot of good short films on the site, and participate in blogs and forums. Recently, about 9,000 to 13,000 people are logged in at any one time.)

The actor can also link to their profile page, or give it out as an online headshot and resume.

The actor registers on the site, then clicks the Actor radio button in the profile. The actor can upload pictures and credits. People can post comments on the actor's site. The actor can participate in forums (including an Actor's Forum) and can write a blog on the site. People on the site can exchange private e-mails with each other.


Searching on the site is not very good. These are the only ways I know to search on the site (for actors, films, filmmakers or anything else):

1- Use films:

2- Use casting:

3- Use google with as part of the search

4- Use Josh Rencher's search:

0 - 0 - 0 - 0

My film OTL:

FRAGILE (Sonnet 65) with Intro

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