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TSI / Playtime theater has on-going opportunities for writers and directors and actors.

They have a beautiful theater space in NYC with two theaters (99 & 44 seats) and rehearsal halls. In the smaller theater they present many programs of short plays each week.

They are constantly accepting participation from new actors, writers and directors.

Shows typically get two performances. The arrangement is: no pay, no fee. They expect each short piece to bring in some audience. With several pieces each evening, plus TSI's own list, shows are often sold out with standing room only and a few seats crammed in near the stage.

Shows are not reviewed -- it's technically a "workshop" where you are given a chance to experiment and develop a piece.

The theaters and rehearsal spaces are available for rental as well -- I've used them for several film projects.

Currently, they are developing a themed series: the TSI/PlayTime Classics Series with scenes and adaptations (15-30 minutes) from Shakespeare’s plays: Othello, Measure for Measure, MacBeth, Hamlet, The Tempest, Much Ado About Nothing and The Rape of Lucrece.

Rehearsals begin as soon as possible, with performances scheduled the last week in April, thru mid May or June.

They have another Shakespeare project coming in the late summer and early fall: the TSI/PlayTime "Shakespeare as YOU like it’' Series.

They often have themed series going (usually related to classics, but not always -- the previous series was about sports -- and only occasionally WS), but you can bring in any kind of project you like. It does not have to be part of a series.

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Personal note: I have a short (about 2 min) video

On The Lot of Shakespeare's Sonnet 65, together with a short intro. I have a great writer (Shakespeare) and a beautiful actress, and I'd love to have you come visit and check it out!


Eric from QPORIT

FRAGILE (Sonnet 65) with Intro

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