Friday, April 20, 2007



Poster for TFF on the Tribeca Grill

Checked in today for my
Tribeca Film Festival (TFF) Press Credentials.

This is one mighty festival. There are 157 feature films and 88 shorts, showing between April 25 and May 6. 73 films have their world premiere. Almost all are showing for the first time in New York. Seven important restored or re-discovered films from around the world are being presented.

Films come from 47 different countries. Only Africa seems to be under-represented. Eighteen "narrative" films and 16 documentaries are in competition.

Among the genres represented are a series of midnight features (horror and all that), family films, and sports films.

There are numerous panel discussions and special events. Spider-man gets special treatment. And Julia Stiles has a film that she directed in the shorts program. Many directors will be in attendance, along with celebrity and less well known actors.

The festival was created "in the wake of September 11," by Robert De Niro and others in 2002, largely to help re-vitalize downtown New York. It now does much more than that.

festival program can be downloaded as a PDF file and printed out. It is one of the best organized festival film programs I've seen.

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