Tuesday, April 17, 2007



If you are up for the challenge of making a short film in a week or two,

Quick Flick World's
current month's theme is "Labyrinth" (with optional parameter "Loop"). Films (in NY) are due on May 5 (Derby Day!) and the screening party is (currently) scheduled for May 9 at MonkeyTown in Brooklyn, New York, with other parties in London, Sao Paulo, Berlin, Barcelona, Mexico DF, Buenos Aires, Mumbai, Beijing and Tokyo.

Participation is free. Some selected films may be screened at other parties around the world and featured on the website. Film must be 3 minutes or less. AVI MOV DV-NTSC. Check with the
curators for exact specs.

Note: The location for the preliminary get-together where films will be submitted has not been announced; and information on the website may not be correct . Even the screening party is subject to change at the last moment. CHECK WITH THE CURATORS for exact information before the submission date and screening party!

Monkey Town -- 58 North 3rd St, btwn Kent + Wythe, Williamsburg, NYC


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