Saturday, March 10, 2007



Warning! Do not try to eat and watch
Borat at the same time. It may result in rapid forward ejection of the food during an explosive laugh; or worse, sucking food into the lungs during the inhaling that precedes a guffaw.

I know. I watched the DVD of Borat while I tried to eat. Almost deadly, and very embarrassing.

Loved the fact that it started with the appearance of dust and hairs on the picture, like the old cameras and projectors. (Nostalgic, too. One early course I took actually started by taking black film and making a movie by scratching directly on the film itself!)

(Note: There is, I think, one inconsistency in the POV of the "documentary." There would seem to be a cameraman along on this trip taking the pictures. Borat could not be operating the camera himself. Neither can the "producer." He talks to the camera, so it's almost a character; it's not a ubiquitous, invisible observer. Yet the film is pretty explicit about Borat and the producer being the only people taking the trip.)

Here's some more information -- from Wikipedia -- about Borat.

I've always liked alien-reactions-to-our-land humor (remember Mork). Especially when it's mixed with sharp social and political satire as I think it is here. The gross-out parts I could do without.

Technically, this movie is called, Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan."

And even though Kazakhstan has reportedly protested, given what Borat learnings in America, it may well indeed benefit Kazakhstan.

One funny movie!

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