Monday, February 05, 2007



Employee Of The Month
is fun, with a few witty ideas, many enjoyable moments, and a basically good-hearted theme, but just a few too many unpleasant bits to make a really good movie.

(Note: this is the 2006 version with Jessica Simpson. There was a
completely different movie with the same title in 2004, starring Matt Dillon and Christina Applegate, and still another in 2002 written, directed and starring Jesse Bean.)

The biggest problem -- as with so many unsuccessful would-be comedies -- is that the villain, the hero's foil, is annoying, without being funny. He's played by
Dax Shepard -- whose first film role, by the way, in Hair Shirt is credited as "Vomiter in Party".

On the other hand,
Dane Cook, and Jessica Simpson, are attractive individually, and make an appealing couple. Jessica Simpson is very good here, and does everything she needs to do as an actress for this film!

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