Tuesday, December 19, 2006



When I logged in to my Discover card account the other day, instead of going to my account information as usual, I was blocked by a screen that seemed to say I needed to verify the agreement to get online. After reading it a little more closely, together with one escape button on the second sign-up page, I realized I did not have to sign the re-agreement, and it was actually asking me to sign up for a paperless account. More accurately, it was asking me to renounce paper bills. It was not at all clear at first from the way it was first presented, sort of as an all or nothing sign up to continue with the web account, that this was not required, and it was not a required re-sign-up for the web, but actually an optional sign-down for paper bills.

I should have looked more closely at the web address for the "signup". Here it is in all its brutal honesty: (bold face, color highlight supplied by me)


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