Tuesday, December 12, 2006



Streaming Media
has a very interesting article on a new mobile video service called movy.tv from a company called Movidity.

Up to now, video on telephones has been mostly restricted by the telephone company gateways. YouTube and Revver have access deals with Verizon to appear through V-Cast. movy.tv will be an independent access point to video.

Based on a proprietary patent-pending technology, the movy.tv system, planning to debut in January, expects to accept free consumer content, supported by front-end ads. Access to the system is free, but users may (ie. probably will) incur usage charges from their phone provider, so movy.tv users are encouraged to subscribe to unlimited usage type plans for their phone. movy.tv will charge a subscription fee for corporate content, and provide various filters for access, and other features to make the content especially useful.

According to Movidity, in their very interesting
FAQ, "the movy.tv media player is an ultra-efficient java “midlet,” and will typically work on any browser enabled cell phone supporting Java (J2ME) / MIDP2. DoCoMo type handsets (Japan) are also supported."

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