Tuesday, December 05, 2006



The Russian Tea Room
has reopened (I discovered as I walked down 57th street today) ... a few weeks ago for dinner, yesterday for lunch.

Peeking in from the outside, it looks much like it used to look. The menu posted on the outside suggests a more modern, European cuisine than it used to serve, but the website provides this assurance:

"Enjoy our modern Russian menu inspired by classical and contemporary Russian tastes. We are delighted to prepare historical Tea Room favorites including Chicken Kiev, or Beef Stroganoff on request. Please let us know and we’ll be happy to accommodate you."

RTR used to be a haven for celebrities. My best "sighting" there was Jackie Onassis. Another time, I recognized nobody at the restaurant at all, except for the famous publicist John Springer. After lunch he got up and said hello to just about everybody in the restaurant (except me, of course), all of whom I presume I should have recognized.

Once, when I was in a hurry (RTR was just a block from my office), I had a sandwich at RTR and my favorite dessert ( the sour cherry jam from the tea on top of fresh butter spread on the black Russian bread). The whole meal was not expensive and took only half an hour, so I complemented the Maitre D', by telling him this was the best fast food restaurant in NY. (He gave me the best insulted look I've ever experienced.)

I'm looking forward with great anticipation to my next visit to the new Russian Tea Room.

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