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Mini's First Time
is a pleasantly incorrigible, immoral film with completely irresponsible behavior, told from the villian's point of view. (This is not revealing anything you can't learn from the DVD box, by the way.)

Unfortunately, while the plot is amusing enough, the story is not credible. It's hard (in fact, impossible) to believe in the relationships between Mini and the two older men,
Alec Baldwin and Jeff Goldblum. Mini, played by Nikki Reed (who wrote and starred in Thirteen) doesn't have a personality strong enough, nor an appearance pretty enough, nor a brain smart enough to dramatically justify a relationship with either of these two very powerful, much, much older actors (let alone both of them).

With a still more sleazy plot, sub-plots involving a few more very young girls, and much more visible flesh and driving music, this could have been a really interesting example of the California sun sub-genre of film noir. (Is that, "film soleil/noir "?) As it is, it's just a passably diverting film that starts out trying to be shocking but pulls too many punches.

Listening to the director's comments on the DVD, I discovered he pulls his punches deliberately (big mistake, I think), avoiding nudity because he doesn't want to seem "exploitive."

It seems to me that once you decide to make a film about a sixteen year old having an affair with her step father and murdering her mother, you've got to commit to story telling that's as strong as your basic plot.
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