Tuesday, September 05, 2006



I eat a lot of walnuts. And I've tried many brands. My favorite has been
Diamond of California.

They taste good. Much better than most other walnuts. (Also, note that most packaged walnuts have many bad apples. (Sorry for the mixed metaphor.) Diamond has very few. There is a bad walnut only once in every 10 cans or so -- or approximately 90% of the cans contain only good walnuts, which is a much better average than for other walnut packages I've tried.)

Unfortunately, however, there has always been a problem with Diamond walnut cans. The cans have come with a metal lid which is very sharp when peeled off. In fact, I've gotten some pretty severe cuts.

Wow! Diamond has come out with a new top. It's soft and not a safety hazard anymore!

It's a tremendous improvement and they should be rewarded for their new packaging and the effort that went into developing this new top. If only all consumer products were so much improved.

I can now recommend Diamond walnuts!

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