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I've created a new blog:

Shakespeare wrote 154 sonnets, not counting several sonnets embedded in the plays.

Through this blog, Sonnets By Shakespeare, I'm planning commentary, performances, and films of the sonnets, together with the texts. I'll also be giving references to books, and links to sites with other films, performances, and commentary on the sonnets.

I just posted on the site some comments on Sonnet 65 (Since brass, nor stone, nor boundless sea...) together with a film containing a performance and visual commentary on the sonnet.

The film was uploaded to Google video.

The role of "My Love" in this sonnet is played by Meagan English. It was quite a task to find the right person. I must have looked at way more than a hundred pictures and resumes and interviewed at least two dozen actresses before finding the right character. Meagan has an exceptional look with bright eyes, an interesting smile that seems to hide secrets, and a fresh face.

She was a pleasure to work with in shooting the film. Although she has no lines in this film, her voice has character and she reminds me of a young Lauren Bacall. Part of the mission of this blog (QPORIT) is to PREVIEW interesting talent, and I am looking forward to following her career.

I got to see Meagan in a play last night, and true to my expectations, her combination of a pretty, fresh face, and a sultry, dark voice, together with her moment-to-moment reality, nailed the part of a dirty-handed character in what could have been an all-too-abstract play.
Where did this Meagan come from? I must have her...
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