Thursday, November 03, 2005



Bahama's International Film Festival, in and around Nassau, the Bahamas, is scheduled for December 8-11. It looks like a very heavy, significant festival.

There are films from the Caribbean, Africa, the US, and other places around the world. Altogether, there are more than forty features, and many shorts. Some of the film descriptions sound quite harrowing.

There are many highlights:

Spike Lee will be honored.

There will be several special screenings, including Matador, with Pierce Brosnan, on Closing Night; Manderlay (the successor to Dogville), about slavery, by Lars Von Tier; and on Opening Night, Broken Flowers, with Bill Murray.

And there will be several panels on film making, including one on "Producing In The Caribbean."

All in all, it sounds like a very substantial festival that should contribute to the development of film making in the Caribbean.

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