Friday, November 18, 2005



Once upon a time, after a concert at Carnegie Hall, you would turn right and walk a few steps to the Russian Tea Room.

Now, to find the best bet for a terrific snack (or meal) after a concert, make two lefts, walk about a block South on Seventh avenue, and stop at

They make the best stuffed grape leaves I've ever had. Their bar menu, as well as the appetizers on the main menu are all very special. They have a gazillion kinds of Ouzo. And I like just about all the desserts, though not everyone likes their version of baklava (not flaky), and Greek coffee is a matter of taste.

Almost everything is a surprising treat. It's a tough choice between taking old favorites each time I visit, or trying something new.

For a double header (if you don't mind being a little rude to the person/people you are with), while you are waiting for the order to come, pop across the street and get a takeout order of corned beef from the
Carnegie Deli to take home for tomorrow's lunch. (For that matter, you can order take-out from Molyvos, too).

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