Thursday, September 15, 2005



I was in a rush and in the neighborhood, so I decided to go to the unpromising looking restaurant just a short block away.

Turns out it's quite lovely inside and one of the best and most popular restaurants in New York.

Starting with the least important, the bread is absolutely amazing. The coffee, though not bad, is just OK and the only thing I had that was less than terrific.

I chose the Wiener Schnitzel, which was excellent. I usually like it with an egg on top, but they don't serve it that way. It comes with a delicious potato and cucumber salad, and with lingonberries. They recommended a light beer, and that was a perfect combination.

For desert I chose the Salzburger Nockerl over Huckleberries. They really mean "over": The huckleberies go in first and, until you dig in, are completely hidden by a light, sweet froth (made up mostly of stiffly beaten egg whites). It was great.

Portions are very large, and the bill is not small either.

I enjoyed my dinner. Service was fast, friendly and efficient. It worked out well!

The restaurant is
Wallse (334 West 11th Street corner of Washington, a block from the Hudson river --212 352 2300).

Note: This is not a restaurant review (which would require more research), but rather an eating anecdote. If you decide to visit, and I hope you will, please share your experience by adding a comment, below.

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