Sunday, September 11, 2005



One of the more interesting events during Fashion Week is a show, open to the public, featuring emerging talent in the fashion industry.

It's today, Sunday, at 2:00 at Orchard St between Houston and Stanton.

The show, called
"Fashion Flipside, Runway Fashion Show, Performances & Other Events," includes designers from FORWARD an organization set up to help designers, and simultaneously improve the business climate on the Lower East Side (LES).

Among the designers who will be showing are
-- Selma Karaca--Couture
-- SHILVY--Handbags, accessories and home decor
-- Milda Bublys--Clothing (cocktail, "after 5")
-- Maskara Coterie- Lingerie, sleep wear, casual
-- sQin--Leather earings
-- Harriets Alter Ego--Urban streetwear

Selma Karaca suggests she is on the verge of breaking out as a real star.

We're planning personal previews of some of these emerging talents. Watch for them here.


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