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is a film noir. It is well done, but not superb. The mysteries and resolutions deepen as the characters get to know one another (rather than the formulaic detective model where clues lead to clues leading to clues and then some secret comes out they never told you about that solves the mystery). In other words, the story is more interesting than usual.

Still, clues are highlighted, so you keep being told this clue is either going to be important or a conspicuous red herring. Plot points are not subtle.

The relationship between the two young leads,
Adam Garcia (Scott) and Alice Evans (Kelly), starts out intense with great chemistry between them.

As the movie proceeds, though there is a lot of steamy sex, and their relationship becomes more and more complex plot-wise, there is no corresponding growth in their emotional, visual, and chemical intensity together.

The setup is that Scott's father died in an unlikely swimming accident and his mother raced to marry just a few weeks later. For a little while I thought this might be one great movie giving a modern version of Hamlet with flesh and blood passionate relationships.

Unfortunately it does not quite get to that level. But it is an interesting noir, that moves reasonably quickly though not fast, with steamy relationships, believable performances, and a good story.

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