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New York Film Festival, now in its 43rd year, is always a major highlight of the year. They have the finest and most interesting films from around the world. And it is one of the most pleasant venues to see movies. It is a thrill every year to sit down for a festival film.

The film director and some cast members are very often on hand for the screening and will answer questions from the audience after the movie. These sessions can be extremely interesting.

The festival runs from September 23 - October 9, 2005 and begins with George Clooney's film
Good Night, and Good Luck about the confrontation between Eugene McCarthy and Edward R Murrow (played by David Strathairn).

As always, the advance program describes the films in a cryptic manner that gives only a vague clue as to the nature of the film. To be fair, though, the current descriptions are transparent compared to the coded messages that passed for descriptions in the early years of the festival.

Many of the best films will be sold out before the public gets to buy films. Members of the Film Society get the first buying opportunities. It's important to go to the box office as early as possible to improve your chances for the best results. It's too late to join the Film Society in time to buy tickets for this year, but if you do not already belong and love the festival, you might want to join before it's too late for next year.

Some returned tickets are frequently available at the theater just before the show, so if you want to see a film you did not get advanced sale tickets for, go a little early to Lincoln Center and you may very well be able to get in.

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