Wednesday, June 22, 2005



I just got an e-mail promoting a conference WIRED is having this weekend. Interestingly, the e-mail neglected to mention in what city the conference will be held.

Checking the website,, however, does reveal the festival will be at the Navy Pier in Chicago, June 24-26, with a musical event tonight.

It sounds interesting. Quoting from the e-mail, "Inspired by World's Fairs of the past, WIRED Magazine's NextFest presents the future in a three-day festival at Navy Pier. Experience robots, flying cars, private space planes, homes of the future, fuel-cell concept cars, invisibility coats, and much more from visionary inventors, companies, and R&D labs around the world."

It's not expensive. Kids under 12 are free, adult tickets are $15.00

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