Monday, February 07, 2005



It is likely that the best bargain in network advertising is to place an ad on the superbowl that attracts attention, especially if it is judged too racy to run. GoDaddy placed an ad in the superbowl -- it was supposed to run twice -- that had the slightest suggestion of sexiness... they called it a comment on censorship. After running once, the ad was censored and not run the second time.

Discussions of the ad, mentioning GoDaddy over and over and over, have taken place before and after the superbowl, most recently on CBS evening news. Perhaps they have something to look forward to: Apple still gets mileage from its "1984" ad.

GoDaddy: Low cost domain names, domain transfers, web hosting, email accounts, and so much more. is a web hosting spot. I'd expect they get a powerful number of hits in the next few days. Even I looked them up. I'll check them out for my next web hosting project.

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