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There are hints that the iPhone 15 will be announced on Sep 13, 2023, available for preorder on Sep 15, and available a week later.

There have been hints that the iPhone 15 would have dual cameras to enable 3D photos & videos. Other hints suggest 3D may be delayed to an iPhone 16, to wait to evaluate the response to the new Apple Vision Pro (AVP).

It should be noted that with AI it is now possible to
  • take a 2D photo or video,
  • create a depth-map,
  • extrude the 2D+depth-map,
  • recapture that in a 3D camera in an editor like DaVinci,
  • and get a 3D photo or video from a 2D source (without a physical 3D camera).
Apple's Lidar could even create the depth map itself, without AI. Currently each step described above is separate, but with an API this could be automated. -- Nevertheless, personally, I still believe a good (real) 3D camera is a better way -- for now.

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