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Apple has now released the SDK for VisionOS, the operating system for the Apple Vision Pro (AVP), the new XR headset from Apple that was announced at WWDC and will be available next year.

The AVC is priced at about $3,500.   Apple's reveals, and other reports, suggest the headset is more advanced in its technology than any other headset yet -- that actually exists. (Other companies have at least 6 months to catch up!) 

The demonstrations and videos from WWDC (still online!) also suggest, however, that the current software ecosystem for the AVP is not well advanced, but that Apple has a very ambitious, and well thought out plan, for the future. They are courting developers!

The headset, appropriately named "Pro" is clearly intended for developers at this point, and not for consumers. It does not matter how many they sell in the mass market; the important metric is how many developers take it seriously.

Here is the link to more development information from Apple:

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