Monday, December 19, 2022




The Jan 6 Committee of the House of Representatives has held (what is expected, but not guaranteed to be) its final hearing.

It has sent a Criminal Referral to the Department of Justice for crimes it believes were committed by the former president, DJT, and others.

Its complete Final Report will be made public and distributed in a few days. It has just issued an Executive Summary to its Final Report; the 118 page Executive Summary is available here:


I hope that in the Final Report the Committee will

1 - Clearly explain how it was possible, despite early warnings and then obvious threats, and then actual attacks, for law enforcement and security to fail to provide adequate protection to the Capitol for so long.

2 - Clearly provide (even including a live event) a compelling picture of legislation and other measures need to prevent any such events as Jan 6, or any of the other schemes, or any of the lies, related to overthrowing the democratic transfer of power and the rule of law, from ever happening, or even ever getting any traction at all.

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