Friday, October 14, 2022


THE MURDER (an XR performance project!)



We're producing a quick 



LPXR (Live Performance in XR)

XR video

of a new play, The Murder, that Shakespeare wrote (with some collaborators) about current issues.

It's an experimental, zero-budget, no-pay-no-fee, not union, test of creation in XR, to be done immediately.

We're looking for


LeadsOne man, One woman 

Supporting: The audience - watching from within the performance space; some will be discussing the play and its relation to current issues with the leads, live & improvised (with a little structure).


Anyone who'd like to experience and experiment with the latest in-XR possibilities for media content development, including, for example, avatar-costumers, producers, XR-set-designers, etc...

Anyone and everyone participating MUST have a QUEST2 (or compatible) headset, and have access to and experience with Horizon Worlds and, perhaps, other XR Social media spaces like HUBS, VRChat, and Altspace, and MUST have lots of available time during the next few weeks.

To participate, please write to

with a cover letter describing

1) Your interest

2) Your experience with XR (see paragraph above).

3) Your other relevant experience (Shakespearean acting, or creating avatars, or producing film/video, or anything else that might be helpful).

Cast (or anyone) should also send a resume and headshot (cast!), but the letter is the MOST important.

Auditions and meetings and rehearsals will most likely take place in Horizon Worlds, (in avatars), starting within a few days. The location, for the performance and for creating the video, will be in avatars in a Social Media space, probably in the next two weeks.

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