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META HORIZON WORLDS are looking for suggestions for how HW should evolve.  I posted on their site a list of suggestions.  I've been a member since almost the beginning, but I have not used it much because it is missing some features I need.  I have responded before in a similar way, but as HW has evolved and improved, many of my hoped-for features are still not available.

Many of these features are lacking on all other Social Sites as well. So I decided to post a list here of what I would like every (or one!) Social Site to provide for developers and creators.

(One thing I do not want a site to include is digital real-estate plots.  There are several Crypto focused sites with some nice features, but I will not pay to create content.)


1) Clear rules (eg TOU) that CREATORS maintain ALL IP while providing a limited permission to the SITE to display & promote & monetize the content.

2) Fair split of revenue to creator.

3) Powerful tools for creation including
   a) Importing text, audio, XR video, graphics, textures, 3D models, scripts, etc.
   b) Generous limits on capacity of assets
   c) Ability to use "standard" scripting models (like Unreal, Unity, Babylon) to build content
   d) Ability for Indie creators to interact in live 3D (and Broadcast in live 3D VR to large audiences)
   e) Ability to create Live Performance (theater, LPXR) and 3D VR films, live seminars and classes.

              * Allow the removal of the name from avatars.

              * Allow one or more 3D 360 cameras as scripted elements.

              * Allow dynamically rigged avatars with remote (live action capture) and scripted control.

              * Allow easy costume (avatar) changes; scenery (Room design) changes.

              * Allow dynamic importing and dynamic creation of assets, including 2D & 3D video, writing on a whiteboard, and other creative functions (such as demonstrating within the Site how to create objects and scripts for the Site).

   f) Avatars with legs; importable avatars; dynamically rigged avatars; a method for enabling “resting” avatars’ hands to be comfortably and elegantly located when just sitting and not using the hands (a particular issue with controllers).

4) Access for Indie Creator/Developers to pitch for development investments and funds.

5) Large number of simultaneous users of a Room (or World; or Local Site; or Game; or whatever a unit is called). And when the Room is full, some communication between the creator and new (unable to enter the original location) users. (This is particularly important to manage over-flowing events).

6) Backward compatibility, careful pre-release bug double-checking, and constantly updated documentation in a reliably located URL, to allow stability and continuity as the platform evolves.

7) Easy access to ALL Rooms through portals and doors branching from a Central Place (“Central Place” = where users normally enter) and from an easily searchable directory. Also, ability to directly enter a particular Room from outside the Site. (Especially important for events.)

8) Easy and fast sign-in for new visitors coming to an event at the Site (including checking “tickets” if reservations are needed).

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