Wednesday, November 11, 2020


Event: XR STATUS, FALL 2020, Experiments in Digital Storytelling & Advances in Technology



Experiments in Digital Storytelling


Advances in Technology

TUE NOV 24, 2020

6:30 - 8:30 EST


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eXtended Reality (XR) includes all the content, all the issues, all the technology that is enabled by the exponential growth of digital computation, doubling in power every 2 to 3 years. We are now at a stage in this development where every doubling introduces profound changes in our lives!

Our reality is indeed extended as we learn more and more ways to understand the world we live in, through the facts that science reveals, and the fiction, the storytelling, that helps us understand that world.

In this talk we will provide an Overview (with details to the limit of what’s possible in an hour) of the current status of XR as of Fall 2020, plus links to supplementary resources.

We will explore ways that creative artists have used and are exploring digital technology in telling stories: From scattered remote locations, To a remote audience --including Zoom theater, Social spaces, Avatars, Holographic renditions, interactivity, the Spatial Web and more.

And we will review new VR and AR headsets, changing modes of using XR, and new developments in VR cameras, volumetric capture & point clouds, real time processing, development frameworks, the Spatial Web, 5G, AI, and the main ecosystems (Facebook/Oculus, Microsoft, SONY, Valve, HTC and more). Plus… rumors on what’s coming!

We will see how storytelling and improving technology work together. And we will provide a guide to resources for learning, developing, understanding, and keeping up with the news in XR.


The speaker will be  Eric Roffman

Eric was a backer of the Oculus Kickstarter. He invented the term eXtended Reality (XR) in 2015. He created THE AMERICAN FILM MAGAZINE, selling the title to the AFI, later creating the online site QPORIT: Quick Previews Of Random Interesting Things - writing news, views, reviews, previews and interviews on film, theater, public issues, and new technology, (especially XR).

Eric has a PhD in Theoretical Physics, and was a member of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, the Courant Institute, and CN Yang’s group at Stony Brook University. He wrote a book on Neutrino Astrophysics. And created one of the first animated films from computer generated scientific research results. He also ran a few planetarium shows at City College.

Eric invented an award-winning multimedia computer game, created live interactive demos for IBM, made dramatic stagings of Shakespeare’s sonnets, and numerous XR fictional and interview videos, and was a Director of Viacom’s channel websites.

Eric is currently converting QPORIT from the current flat web (web 2.0) to the Spatial Web (aka web 3.0 or webXR). 

He is also writing a book: 


and the


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