Wednesday, October 02, 2019



Microsoft announced a series of upgrades to the Surface computers, which will be available for purchase for this holiday season. See list below.

They also announced two surprising and dramatically new Surface computers that will be available next year, along with a new flavor of Windows 10.


SURFACE LAPTOP 3 – 13.5 or 15” screen; AMD Processor; USB-C; 2019; Starts at $999.

SURFACE PRO 7 – 12.3” screen; USB-C; 2019; Starts at $749.

SURFACE PRO X – 13” screen; swappable solid-state drive; “slim pen”; ARM – MS SQ1 chip; 2019; Starts at $999.

SURFACE NEO – Dual screen; Windows 10X; physical keyboard; “slim pen”; 2020; Starts at $???

SURFACE DUO – Dual screen; Android phone; “Surface”; 2020; Starts at $???

SURFACE EARBUDS – Supports all virtual audio assistants; translates speech in 60 languages; speech to text; 2019; Starts at $249.

WINDOWS 10X – Supports dual screens.

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