Thursday, October 06, 2016



The Oculus Connect 3 (or CONN3CT) keynote just concluded.

For me, the biggest stories are...

1. Continued solid progress on creating the best possible VR experience (as opposed to mobile VR which is designed not around "best possible," but "most practical").

1a. The progress includes software advances that enable less expensive Oculus Ready Computers, and the possibility of Oculus Ready Laptops soon.

2. Release of the Oculus Touch controller by the end of the year.

3. A lot of money available for indie development, including diversity.

The keynote concluded with a realistic description of what could be accomplished with VR and AR now and in 5 years. Mixed Reality also got a new name: "augmented virtual reality".

(Less positive was that, at least for me, the NextVR live stream as well as the Twitch live stream kept crashing.  I finally found an embedded Twitch live stream on CNET that worked.  YouTube did not have a live stream. We'll have to see if the recorded keynote is posted later on the Oculus YouTube channel.)

There were (of course) also many new applications previewed that will be available by the holidays, and more coming soon after.

It seems to me that anyone seriously interested in developing for VR and augmented VR, as it continues to improve, should be developing first for the Oculus Rift, and then porting to mobile and other platforms. These other platforms will continually catch up to the leading edge, while the leading edge will continue to forge ahead and be, well, the leading edge.

I do believe that using virtual and augmented reality displays will become a major computing platform, following after the Mainframe, Minicomputer, Personal Computer, Laptop, Tablet, and Smart Phone.

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