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SNL -- APR 13, 2013 -- HOST: VINCE VAUGHN with musical guest... MIGUEL


SNL -- APR 13, 2013     




with Musical Guest 


Recap: See below!

Hosting SNL will be Vince Vaughn, the well known comedy actor (for example):

Lay the Favorite
The Dilemma
Couples Retreat
Four Christmases
Fred Claus
Into the Wild
The Break-Up
Wedding Crashers
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
Old School

Delivery Man (coming!)
The Internship (coming!)
A Case of You (coming!)



The Musical Guest is Miguel (Miguel Jontel Pimentel), a Grammy winning R&B/rapper, known for the song Adorn and the Urban Album Kaleidoscope Dream.





This was one of the stranger SNL shows.  Beginning with the monolog, most of the sketches had an undercurrent of hostility.  Throughout the show, there seemed to be much more conspicuous reading of the Cue Cards than usual.  And until the last sketch, both writers and actors seemed to be pulling their punches and running without much energy.

The best bits of the night were the Cold Open, and the final sketch.

Miguel had a dreamy kind of effect on me.  I listened and kind-of melted into reveries, while kind-of subliminally enjoying the sound.  (I also always appreciate when the Musical Guest brings their own look to the performance.)

COLD OPEN -- Obama and Senators explain the striking breakthrough on  discussing the idea of the possibility of maybe thinking about background checks for some people except perhaps where it might matter -- in the impossible event the House even considers the idea.

MONOLOG -- A weird and unique monolog in which Vince went into the audience and alternately coddled and hassled one woman and two men, who might have been real audience members and not paid shills.  The coddling of the woman unfortunately reminded me of the reports of the reported events with one woman that reportedly ruined the reported relationship between Vince and Jennifer.  The coddling seemed uncomfortably bordering on too cozy. The hassling of the two men was even less pleasant.  This is a kind of humor which humorists often respect, but audiences not so much: it was staged as a real interaction between Vince and real audience members... The sketch would have been more familiar and very different (less "realish" and possibly more funny) if the woman and the two men were played by cast members. 

It was also disappointing that having gone to great lengths in the monolog to talk about interacting and checking the woman's reactions through the show, that she was not ever mentioned again during the show.

AL PACINO ACCUSED MURDERER BIOPIC SERIES -- The idea was funny, and the wigs were funny in this "preview," but there were not many other jokes.

"STORMY SKIES" ON THE WEATHER CHANNEL -- This parody featured some mildly risque puns using weather terminology to describe Soap Opera situations, but the good jokes were scarce, and the delivery kind of tepid.

IAN RUSH OF THE BIZARROS -- BioPic of an angry Brit rocker (of the Reagan-Thatcher era) who lost his audience because he was pro-Thatcher. Another funny idea that lacked a critical mass of jokes. And does anyone watching SNL care about the Reagan-Thatcher era?

A PREVIEW OF THE INTERNSHIP (with Vince Vaughn) --  Coming soon. Seems very promisingly funny.

SHORT TERM MEMORY LOSS THEATER -- A great premise.  Terrible execution. A play with none of the characters able to remember their lines.  This could be improv heaven or Christopher During hysteria, but there were no jokes, just people not remembering their lines.

WEEKEND UPDATE -- The jokes were OK. LL & BRAD were amusing.  MARINA CHAPMAN (who claimed to have been raised by monkeys) not so much.

PROM -- In the same hostile/unpleasant spirit of the monolog, Vince is the rich old guy on the hill who contributes a fortune to support the Jr High School Prom, then comes and dances with the barely teenage boys, abuses the barely teenage girl, and borders on sexually and socially inappropriate behavior. (On the wrong side of the border.) But it wasn't funny.

NBC SPORTS OFFICES 1990 -- The best (and only funny) line: after the NBC execs complained that the lyrics of the proposed theme song for basketball broadcasts was repetitive, the lyricist responded, "But basketball is repetitive."

LAST CALL -- The only sketch in which the actors and writers let go: The last two drinkers at the bar hook up.  

This last sketch saved the night, and will join the ranks of SNL classics.

Here it is, LAST CALL:

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