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SNL -- OCT 20, 2012 -- BRUNO MARS

Bruno Mars has the rare distinction tonight of being both Host & Musical Guest on SNL.

He is well known as a singer-songwriter, but less established as an actor.  He does have lots of experience appearing as Himself.  

Hosting SNL is a hard job.  It requires getting into good sketches, getting all the words right, and being funny.  Few hosts, even distinguished actors with lots of improv experience have stumbled.

If he succeeds, he is a star!

Bruno turned 27 on October 8.  He was born in Hawaii as Peter Gene Hernandez. He started making music as a kid.  

"Just the Way You Are" and "Grenade" are his big recent hits.  For  "Just the Way You Are" he won the Grammy for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance at the 53rd Grammy Awards, in addition to being nominated for six more Grammies.


Bruno Mars did a solid job hosting an above average, amusing SNL. Tom Hanks made an almost unrecognizable surprise appearance.

It started strong with a Cold Open terrific parody of the 2nd debate that caught the flavor of the true nature of the event. The setup for the question, "Libya?" was terrific.

A series of Brad Pitt commercials that echo-ed his recent Chanel commercial had some funny products pitched Pitt-ifully.

The Sad Mouse, an SNL digital short (that they don't call an SNL Digital Short anymore) was touching. "What if I wave but they don't wave back?"

The Haunted Castle was amusing, but similar sketches on previous shows were more inventive.

Wilderness Lodge was a laid-back version of a funny sketch.

Weekend Update had some good jokes, and some good advice for the debates.  ...Don't mention that the Olympics you ran were the Winter Olympics, that's just "48 different kinds of sliding."

Bruno has a style and voice that works well with the SNL sound mix.He does a nice impression of other singers.




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