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Ed Helms is from Hangover I and II and earlier from The Daily Show (once upon a time). Paul Simon is from... Paul Simon. (Though the Elders remember Simon & Garfunkle).

Tonight's show was one of the very best SNL's. The writing was funny and sophisticated. Sketches had a good ending. There was wit in the writing. And there was energy in the performances.

Here's a list of some real-time reactions. From beginning to end:

OPENING - Decent opening. Best line: Name change to: Guy-Who-Killed-bin-Ladin-Care.

MONOLOGUE -- I liked the monologue it was funny in a sophisticated way.

COMMERCIAL MESSAGE - Great commercial for corn sweeteners.

WHAT UP WIT DAT - What up wit dat "what up wit dat?" ... Best What up wit dat ever. It even made sense.

NOTE: SEASON FINALE: Justin Timberlake & Lady Gaga! MAY 21

DIGITAL SHORT -- 3 cheers For Ambiguously Gay Duo. It worked from beginning to end. Cheers for Jon Hamm.

SIMON -- Wow! Did he really make all those sounds on his own guitar? I liked the song. I liked it. For once, a mix on SNL when you can hear the quiet words.

WEEKEND UPDATE -- Weekend update was terrific until Garth & Kat, which was better than usual, but still sucks.

IT'S A WILD WORLD -- A dentist with prostate exams for his female patients. Others hilarious too. But enough ObL jokes already.

ONE TAKE TONY -- Seemed dubious. They pulled it off!

PAUL SIMON SEQUEL -- Could barely make out two words... “So what?”

ANN-MARGRET -- Cute routine...  Wiig GREAT AS EVER. But I like Ann-Margret. She’s good; VERY GOOD. I recently saw TOMMY! She's very, very good!

GOP commercial -- Nailed it.

Great show tonight. The writing was sophisticated. The performances had energy. The show was funny. Went by real fast. Felt like barely 90 min. Fun to watch.

Here's the WHOLE show, shared by NBC (with commercials!):

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