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Emmy Rossum
At the Hamptons International Film Festival, 2009
Photo by Eric Roffman

Showtime led off the Winter Season with three premieres.

The Season Premiere of Californication was as wild and wacky as we've come to expect from this continually surprising and entertaining show.

Episodes was not too appealing. Neither the characters, nor the actors, nor the jokes, nor the story, nor the script were particularly compelling. Matt LeBlanc, "Joey" from Friends, who will be on the show as himself, had more face time in the previews than in the story. The most interesting moments of the show came when an old fat British actor played a scene as himself -- and it worked -- then played the same scene in an American accent and it did not work. Comedy is indeed mysterious.

The Series Premiere of Shameless was quite extraordinarily complex, surprising, depraved, and interesting. Acting was excellent -- Emmy Rossum gets better and better each part she plays: she's in Emmy territory here. Top billed William Macy, though, had little to do but snore. He literally slept through most of his appearance. (NOTE: Irrelevant, but I like how the tilt of the "l" in "shameless" shifts from the beginning to the end of the show.)

Two out of three... Pretty good! Sundays are now committed.

Here's a video interview we did with Emmy Rossum at the
Hamptons's International Film Festival in 2009 --

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