Friday, October 17, 2008



Those little star-like things on the
Hamptons International Film Festival (HIFF) logo are apparently Golden Starfish. And so, GSA apparently stands for "Golden Starfish Awards," and GSA Shorts for "Golden Starfish Award Shorts."

But what is a "Golden Starfish"?

A Google search of "golden starfish" provides definitions that range from an award for clean European beaches, to noble behavior, or vulgar behavior, and to a popular design for jewelry. Whether there is an actual variety of starfish called the "golden starfish" is not clear.

In fact, it seems the jewelry reference is closest to the likely answer. The Hamptons being noted for their beaches, with starfish perhaps close by or suggested, the idea is to geld the starfish to make a golden starfish, then put it in caps and quotes, bold and italics, to make an award, the "Golden Starfish".

As an award, it is analogous to other golden film festival awards: the "Palme D'or" at Cannes, the "Golden Lion" at Venice and for Berlin, the "Golden Bear".

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