Thursday, January 31, 2008



I visited the Brazilian restaurant,
Porcao, (NY) for lunch. I had an absolutely delicious steak (actually two medium sized steaks on the plate), with a help-yourself, small bowl of cilantro steak sauce, that was excellent, and a perfectly cooked fried banana on the side.

They have a beautiful looking, extensive salad bar.

Unfortunately, I'd had two eggs for breakfast (and two steaks for lunch), so I had to pass up a Brazilian egg-yolk custard for dessert; the chocolate cupcake was good and very pretty, but not quite as special as the rest of the meal.

The restaurant is spacious and elegant. I didn't try it this time, but they feature the "Rodizio," an all-you-can-eat, wide selection of meats brought on skewers from the kitchen and chosen and sliced at your table. Their special drink menu, including my favorite, Caipirinha, was too much for a lunch, but I'm going back for one at dinner, soon.

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