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We have very exciting plans in place for 2006, including expanded coverage in all areas, a new front page for QPORIT, more PODCASTS, several series of short videos including VLOGs and contributions to Quick Flick World, and several new BLOG projects.

QPORIT = Quick Previews Of Random Interesting Things.

The key word is Previews. QPORIT is all about the future, and about all of the future: The future of entertainment, science, technology, finance, politics...

We have reviews, interviews, pointers to coming events, meetings, films and theater, and many other stories about things that will happen (or might happen... or shouldn't happen).

If you are involved in the development of any exciting project in any field, let us know (at We'd love to write about you and your project!

LET US KNOW if you have a story previewing:
QPORIT is a part of the project we are developing called

An Evening of Science Theater
+ Online Resources

This will be a live presentation that explains How to predict the future: what it means, how to do it, and how you can take advantage of this extraordinarily important information!

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