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"DIPLOMAT" - starring and Executive Produced by Keri Russell is a terrific new series on Netflix.

Keri Russell
At the 2007 Hampton's International Film Festival, with "August Rush"
Photo by Eric Roffman

The story is interesting and exciting, surprising and well crafted, the acting by Keri Russell and everyone in the cast is excellent, the script, especially the episodes written by the Creator, Show Runner, and Executive Producer, Debora Cahn, are sophisticated, witty, and fast moving.

Keri, as Kate Wyler, is the new Ambassador to the UK, an out-of-water post for a speech-hating, gown-aversive, protocol-suspicious, war-wise operative, struggling with a troubled marriage, and on a short list to replace the current Vice President. She is suddenly in the middle of an international crisis with a global nuclear war looming if she, or the US, or the UK, or France, or Russia, or, well, anybody, gets it wrong.

I strongly recommend the series! Season Two was just greenlit today, and I'll be waiting eagerly.

Ever since August Rush (missed Disney and Felicity), we've been following Keri.  

In the Americans, she pulled off the remarkable feat of making a cold blooded, Russian, anti-American assassin and spy, not just believable, but simultaneously sympathetic. You rooted for her safety at the same time as you despised her treachery.

At the time, I said she'd be the perfect Lady Macbeth.

In Burn This, she was excellent on stage. And having now seen Diplomat, I continue to hope she'll take a summer off and do the Scottish Play in some summer theater!

Here are some of our stories on Keri Russell's projects:

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