Friday, March 31, 2023



"Fallen Leader: A Cautionary Tale"

In a land where the stars and stripes unfurled, An exPotus, a man who once led the world, Caused chaos and strife with words as his sword, A tale of a leader who ignored the accord.

He incited a riot with fiery speech, Led people to storm, to break and to breach, A leader, they thought, who would fight for their cause, But in the end, it revealed all his flaws.

A porn star he paid, a scandal unveiled, To silence her story, so it would be curtailed, The hush money flowed, but the truth always finds, A way to emerge and expose these binds.

Indicted he was, as the courts stepped in, To reveal the transgressions, the lies and the sin, His power diminished, his legacy stained, For consequences must follow when rules are disdained.

Classified documents he refused to return, Breaking trust and the protocols that govern and churn, Security at risk, he disregarded the cost, For his own selfish reasons, the lines he had crossed.

A cautionary tale of power and pride, Of a leader who faltered and pushed truth aside, Let us learn from the past, and vow to do right, To uplift and unite, not to fracture and fight.


Write a rhyme about an exPotus who incited a riot, who paid off a porn star and was indicted and who refused to return classified documents

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Wednesday, March 22, 2023




One possible solution (at least part of a solution) for compensating creators of the content used in Generative AI systems, would be a Consortium, sort of what is done for music by ASCAP, that would moderate the passage of content from creators to AI collections, and payments in the other direction.

Among the dangers of the present lack of a system is endless litigation over IP rights and value; and the threat that distributing content without compensating creators will destroy the entire ecosystem of new content creation.

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Having de-existified gays, transgenders, books in schools, and women who need a life-saving abortion, RINO's like DeSantis are taking aim at Climate Change, (crop freezes and global warming) by limiting weather thermometers to temps between 40 and 85 degrees.

(Fortunately, so far, the report of a weather thermometer restriction to eliminate frosts and heat waves by arresting thermometers, remains a joke.).

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