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META HORIZON WORLDS are looking for suggestions for how HW should evolve.  I posted on their site a list of suggestions.  I've been a member since almost the beginning, but I have not used it much because it is missing some features I need.  I have responded before in a similar way, but as HW has evolved and improved, many of my hoped-for features are still not available.

Many of these features are lacking on all other Social Sites as well. So I decided to post a list here of what I would like every (or one!) Social Site to provide for developers and creators.

(One thing I do not want a site to include is digital real-estate plots.  There are several Crypto focused sites with some nice features, but I will not pay to create content.)


1) Clear rules (eg TOU) that CREATORS maintain ALL IP while providing a limited permission to the SITE to display & promote & monetize the content.

2) Fair split of revenue to creator.

3) Powerful tools for creation including
   a) Importing text, audio, XR video, graphics, textures, 3D models, scripts, etc.
   b) Generous limits on capacity of assets
   c) Ability to use "standard" scripting models (like Unreal, Unity, Babylon) to build content
   d) Ability for Indie creators to interact in live 3D (and Broadcast in live 3D VR to large audiences)
   e) Ability to create Live Performance (theater, LPXR) and 3D VR films, live seminars and classes.

              * Allow the removal of the name from avatars.

              * Allow one or more 3D 360 cameras as scripted elements.

              * Allow dynamically rigged avatars with remote (live action capture) and scripted control.

              * Allow easy costume (avatar) changes; scenery (Room design) changes.

              * Allow dynamic importing and dynamic creation of assets, including 2D & 3D video, writing on a whiteboard, and other creative functions (such as demonstrating within the Site how to create objects and scripts for the Site).

   f) Avatars with legs; importable avatars; dynamically rigged avatars; a method for enabling “resting” avatars’ hands to be comfortably and elegantly located when just sitting and not using the hands (a particular issue with controllers).

4) Access for Indie Creator/Developers to pitch for development investments and funds.

5) Large number of simultaneous users of a Room (or World; or Local Site; or Game; or whatever a unit is called). And when the Room is full, some communication between the creator and new (unable to enter the original location) users. (This is particularly important to manage over-flowing events).

6) Backward compatibility, careful pre-release bug double-checking, and constantly updated documentation in a reliably located URL, to allow stability and continuity as the platform evolves.

7) Easy access to ALL Rooms through portals and doors branching from a Central Place (“Central Place” = where users normally enter) and from an easily searchable directory. Also, ability to directly enter a particular Room from outside the Site. (Especially important for events.)

8) Easy and fast sign-in for new visitors coming to an event at the Site (including checking “tickets” if reservations are needed).

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THE MURDER (an XR performance project!)



We're producing a quick 



LPXR (Live Performance in XR)

XR video

of a new play, The Murder, that Shakespeare wrote (with some collaborators) about current issues.

It's an experimental, zero-budget, no-pay-no-fee, not union, test of creation in XR, to be done immediately.

We're looking for


LeadsOne man, One woman 

Supporting: The audience - watching from within the performance space; some will be discussing the play and its relation to current issues with the leads, live & improvised (with a little structure).


Anyone who'd like to experience and experiment with the latest in-XR possibilities for media content development, including, for example, avatar-costumers, producers, XR-set-designers, etc...

Anyone and everyone participating MUST have a QUEST2 (or compatible) headset, and have access to and experience with Horizon Worlds and, perhaps, other XR Social media spaces like HUBS, VRChat, and Altspace, and MUST have lots of available time during the next few weeks.

To participate, please write to

with a cover letter describing

1) Your interest

2) Your experience with XR (see paragraph above).

3) Your other relevant experience (Shakespearean acting, or creating avatars, or producing film/video, or anything else that might be helpful).

Cast (or anyone) should also send a resume and headshot (cast!), but the letter is the MOST important.

Auditions and meetings and rehearsals will most likely take place in Horizon Worlds, (in avatars), starting within a few days. The location, for the performance and for creating the video, will be in avatars in a Social Media space, probably in the next two weeks.

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Monday, October 10, 2022


Preview: META CONNECT 2022


On Tuesday, Oct 11, META will be holding its annual CONNECT event. 

META currently has the most popular XR headset, the QUEST 2, with an estimated 15M sold. Meta is also currently one of the heaviest (perhaps THE heaviest) investor in software.

To watch the event live go to


Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote begins at 10 AM PT (1 PM NY; 6 PM UK; 7 PM France) Carmack will also be speaking, later. And there will be other talks about XR throughout the day.

The event will be live streamed, and can be watched, as usual, on a computer or mobile device. However, more interesting, is that it is possible to watch the keynote in XR in the Quest 2 (US only I think). You can register at the URL above. Be sure to register if you want to watch in XR. Instructions for preparing the Quest 2 to be ready can be found at:


META is expected to launch a new high-end HMD capable of Augmented and Mixed Reality, with a higher resolution than the Quest 2. It is designed especially for devoted gamers and for developers making the business applications that will make XR commercially important.

META, of course, obviously, brands their efforts as: developing the “Metaverse”, and MZ is likely to talk to talk about that.

The current status (briefly!) of XR is that the resolution and comfort and price of headsets,  and the quality and quantity of software is close to, but not quite enough, to create a tipping point to XR becoming the next platform (following Mobile << desktop << mini-computer << mainframe << calculator << slide rule).

The current decline in stock prices, change of policies by iPhone, and looming possibility of a recession, have impacted the near-term rate of progress in XR. META is having issues (see the NYT Business article on META on Monday 10/10). MS is having issues with its Hololens Mixed Reality Team. Google is doing little, except in AI.

There are new challenges (to META) coming, (and new opportunities for XR) with headsets likely coming next year from SONY and APPLE and, probably, from Chinese companies like picoxr, which just launched a Quest2 competitor in Europe.

Meanwhile, Meta & Qualcomm announced a partnership to develop custom chips for XR. There is a conference coming soon (Oct 13) on webXR production ( And…  NVIDIA recently talked (at GTC – an AI conference) about their hardware and software development (note: this link might expire):


So, to be at the front of the line for new information, 

check out META CONNECT on 10/11.

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"The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to award the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2022 to

Ben S. Bernanke - The Brookings Institution, Washington DC, USA

Douglas W. Diamond - University of Chicago, IL, USA

Philip H. Dybvig - Washington University in St. Louis, MO, USA

for research on banks and financial crises”

[10/07] PEACE

"The 2022 Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to human rights advocate Ales Bialiatski from Belarus, the Russian human rights organisation Memorial, and the Ukrainian human rights organisation Center for Civil Liberties." >> 



"The Nobel Prize in Literature for 2022 was awarded to the French author Annie Ernaux “for the courage and clinical acuity with which she uncovers the roots, estrangements and collective restraints of personal memory”.


"The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2022 was awarded jointly to Carolyn R. Bertozzi, Morten Meldal and K. Barry Sharpless "for the development of click chemistry and bioorthogonal chemistry" - a method of simply combining molecules to create more comples molecules."

[10/04] PHYSICS

Nobel Prize in Physics 2022: Alain Aspect, John F. Clauser, Anton Zeilinger, “for experiments with entangled photons, establishing the violation of Bell inequalities and pioneering quantum information science”.

[10/03] MEDICINE

The 2022 Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to Svante Pääbo "for his discoveries concerning the genomes of extinct hominins and human evolution".


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