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Spatial Web Development for Productions


eXtended Reality (XR) : The totality of Technology, Issues, Economics, Epistemology and CONTENT exploding in power EXPONENTIALLY.

webXRasting: That means 24/7 webcasting in XR, with live and on demand programming, using all the possibilities of eXtended Reality! It’s pronounced webzrasting!

Spatial Web (also called webXR or web 3.0) : Using VR, AR & MR, the Internet expands from a small rectangular screen to the full 3D 360 space of the world.


Right now, with new technological, social, and creative developments over the last few months, the momentum for XR has exploded!





“Elevator pitch“

eXtended Reality is the totality of Technology, Issues, Economics, Epistemology and CONTENT exploding in excitement because of the EXPONENTIAL INCREASE IN DIGITAL POWER.

New technology PROVED its worth during the 10 months.

I invented the term eXtended Reality in 2015, and I am inventing the company that brings it to webXR and from there to everyone online.

The interactive content industry is already huge. Streaming is huge, enabled by 4G.

Now, 5G and all the other pieces of eXtended Reality are about to double the possibilities in the next 2-3 years. That means as much change in the next 2-3 years as there has been since the digital chip was first produced. That’s what doubling means. (Doubling is what exponential growth does!!!)


 Production history:

I created a prototype webXR site, current loading media and performing alpha testing.

I created the QPORIT website with the QPORIT XR Newsroom and more than 1,000 articles over several years.

I have given talks on eXtended Reality – both overviews and special topic deep dives – at many venues, for several years.  I am the organizer of the StoryForward and StoryCode Meetups, plus NYXR – the New York eXtended Reality Meetup, with a total membership of more than 3,000 members.


Current status

Loading content and testing software.

Planning to bein hiring.

Planning to begin serving XR news, performances, and interviews to QPORIT XR, a webXR Internet site. (It will be viewable in 2D on any computer,  and in 3D XR when viewed in an XR headset like Oculus QUEST.) Then, gradually, add


Current funding

Self-funded for the prototype. Planning for seed and angel financing, and preparing for a series A round.

Eric Roffman’s background



FILM – Founded The American Film Magazine; Founded QPORIT, filmed interviews, produced, acted and directed numerous short films.

THEATER – Adapted Directed and Produced several plays from Shakespeare’s Sonnets.

GAMES – Invented Millennium Auction, award winning multimedia computer game

·       Press included:

o   Ten Best List in multiple game magazines

o   A featured part of a cover story in Business Week

o   An editorial story in the NYT.


COMPUTING – IBM, Chase, Citibank, WebXR programming for QPORIT XR

INTERNET – Website Director for Viacom’s subsidiary channels.


TECHNICAL MARKETING – IBM demos on Internet collaboration shown around the world

CONSULTING – Met Life, Morgan Stanley, Chase, Citibank, many more...




Technology changes very, very fast …  doubling in power every two or three years since the mid 1960’s.  Music, Theater, and Storytelling are thousands and thousands of years old, but the ways that stories are told keeps evolving. 

Right now there is a NEXUS, a special connection, between live theatrical events and EXTENDED REALITY.  Both rejoice in the proximity of the viewer with the event participants.

THIS PROJECT: I have a very simple project. I have been interviewing world leaders in theater, film, public affairs, and technology for years. Now I am going to start broadcasting interviews and other events live to a global audience, in EXTENDED REALITY,  then expand to all variety of productions using XR and the Spatial Web, making this technology available, and democratizing XR.

The most important feature of Virtual Reality (VR) is that it makes viewers feel they are actually in a place.  The camera is the eyes and ears of the viewer, and it seems like they are right where the camera is.  Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) bring a production to the viewer in their own space. XR includes and uses VR, MR, AR, plus AI, 5G, and much more!


EXTENDED REALITY amplifies local events to a global audience. Interviews, red carpets, readings, theater, music, and other live events are perfect material for LIVE XR.

EXTENDED REALITY right now is like early radio; it’s like early cinema; it’s like early television. XR is for early users now, but change happens now faster and faster. The time is NOW to begin XR live broadcasting.


Content, of all kinds, (especially remote and online!) is now in tremendous demand. Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Apple (all working on XR), plus many others, are all looking for content.  Music, performances, interviews, and other live events are perfect content for XR. XR content will soon be in high demand. It will be a platform differentiator, because it is so special.


I hope you will join this adventure in 


Tuesday, December 08, 2020




1 - The Pandemic hastened the acceptance by the public of all digital possibilities of viewing content at home.


2 - Except for existing methods of monetizing digital content viewed at home, other alternatives have had monetizing problems.


Some streaming cases:

              a. Good streaming services: Netflix, Disney, ...

              b. OK & Promising: YouTube, Prime Video, ...

              c. Promising streaming services: Apple ...

              d. Struggling streaming services: HBO+ ...

              e. Failed streaming services Quibi ...


Home meetings:

              a. Good: Zoom

              b. Just getting started:

                           i. Zoom competitors like Teams

                           ii. VR Social Spaces

                                         1. AltSpace

                                         2. Spatial

                                         3. Engage

                                         4. Mozilla Hubs

                                         5. Oculus/Facebook Venues & Horizon



              a. Good: top games on VR

              b. OK, Less $$$ but working: teaching online

              c. Problems (partly no Union contracts): Live commercial theater

              d. Very promising, but not yet well monetized: Live indie VR theater

                           i. Example: The Under Presents... The Tempest



3. VR, AR, MR, AI, 5G and all XR technologies have made great progress in 2020. In particular:


a.       The new class of VR headsets is now almost consumer friendly, although the software (both content and navigational/operational software) is still lagging.



              a. QUEST2 - good resolution, terrific price (starts at $299)

              b. REVERB G2 - better resolution, higher price



              a. QUALCOMM - new powerful chips that will improve HMD's in 2021 and may enable 1st generation consumer Mixed Reality HMD's

              b. APPLE - Apple seems to be doing well with custom chips, and may have HMD devices in 2021 or 2022.



a.       Cameras for VR seem to be lagging behind. Maybe new generation in 2021.



a.       Computer animation has been 3D for years. Re-rendering for VR could release a lot of content. But HMD's must be capable (eyestrain, battery, and heat) of running easily for 2 hours or more.



              a.  Scientific American is talking about the transition to "Spatial Computing"

              b. A few games have broken out financially

              c  There is an industry-wide (very important!) move to open standards:

                           i. OPEN XR

                           ii. webXR (also called web 3.0 and The Spatial Web).


4. Next year there will probably be some more in-person economic activity due to

              a. The likelihood of widespread vaccinations by Fall, 2021

              b. The likelihood that an active Presidential Task force on COVID-19 will improve overall national compliance with rational protective behavior:

                           i.            masks

                           ii.           distancing

                           iii.          testing with quarantines and tracking

                           iv.           school and workplace standards and supports


5. Conclusion:

a.       Digital entertainment has been accelerated

b.      Limited but gradual growth of in-person activity before Fall 2021, strongly influenced by new digital initiatives

c.       The balance between traditional commercial practices and new "indie" digital operations will depend on the "digital" flexibility and ingenuity of the existing commercial institutions, "versus" the "commercial" entrepreneurial skill and ingenuity of new digital innovations.


Note (not sure whether this is a disclaimer or shameless promotion):

QPORIT is working on

              1. comprehensive web 3.0 content including

                           i. gaming, art, story-telling, news, and educational content

                           ii. development of XR Live Theater

              2. improved web 3.0 navigational software

              3. business applications, including multidimensional data analytics

              4. a book on eXtended Reality (XR)



QPORIT also organizes the NYXR, StoryCode and StoryForward Meetups.


Please join one of these groups

for continued updates on the accomplishments and promise of XR!







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