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Solid improvements. Nothing exciting, unless you are an outdoor adventurer.

The most interesting new feature is the ability to directly contact a satellite for emergency help, even if you are in the wilderness, off the Cellular and WiFi grid.  As this technology advances it may have some fascinating applications.

Also for adventurers, there is a new Apple Watch Ultra, with several special features for those people who need them.  For example, there is a scuba diving app that puts, they say, everything you need to know about your dive on your wrist.

For kids (and grownups) on trips in the woods, there's a feature for people who get lost.  The GPS tracking of your wanderings is saved and can show you how to retrace your steps.

For people who drive too fast, or drive where other people drive too fast, both the watches and the phones have crash detection, and can notify authorities if you cannot.

The still and video cameras are better, both with hardware improvements and continuing development of computational imaging (aka XRography - my term, not Apple's).

Air pods are getting personalized spatial audio.

The iPhone Pro models get a new, more powerful A16 (4 nanometer!) chip. It seems that the Pro models still have Lidar, and the others still do not.

Everything has more computation, longer battery life, improved still and video imaging, and some cosmetic changes. 

iPhone14 & iPhonePro 14 are 6.1"; the Plus models are 6.7". Prices (at least in dollars) are about the same as last year for the model 13's. Some trade-ins are possible. Orders begin 9/9; availability for different products varies, starting on 9/16/2022.

Nothing was said about the long rumored VR/AR Apple glasses. 

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