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In China it is now 11/11 . 

While the Winter Holidays (Christmas/Hanukkah/New Year), Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and many other holidays celebrate social giving, to celebrate (and encourage) people giving things to themselves, SINGLE'S DAY (11/11 - all those 1's) was invented, led by Alibaba. 

Single's Day has grown by leaps and bounds, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday... etc.

Side note: The growth of Single's Day, among other facts, should remind those of us here in the US how important international business has become.  The US needs to become more international (not just in commerce, but in education, entertainment, language exposure, world history, etc.), not less.

But with all these commercial focused "holidays" (remember when "holiday" was derived from "holy day"?), perhaps this is a good time to celebrate science, math, truth, technology, learning and more, in addition to (ethical!) commerce.  Pi DAY (March 14 -- 3/14) might be just the perfect day. 

(π  = Pi = 3.14159265....)

propose to
celebrate Pi Day
as a festival of knowledge
science, math, truth, technology, learning, ethical commerce, and more

More on this to come!

*   *   *   *   *


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