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SNL 2014-04-12 SETH ROGEN


All in all, after a bad start, nearly every skit was funny and quite a few were hilarious.  Seth was in many sketches and hit the marks every time.

RECAP NOTES, more or less LIVE (thanks to a lot of commercials I never fell too far behind writing these notes!)_

This show gets off to a terrible start with a lame COLD OPEN about "new"
 Republicans.  Lots of funny things to say about them. SNL didn't

But the show began to be redeemed with a nice monolog, in which Seth was assisted by cameos from That Girl, James Franco, and Taylor Swift.

The first sketch, a classroom lecture on drug use... JUST SAY NO(W) was hilarious.  And the CNN spoof on pregnancy was great also.

Then, an amusingly gross sketch about a guy (Seth) who is tired of caring for his wife whose hands are broken and useless.

MONSTER PALS is a nice reflexion on the real person inside a monster.

BLUE RIVER DOG FOOD is another classic sketch tonight... about people who care, really CARE, PASSIONATELY CARE, CARE CARE!!! that their dogs get real chicken in their dogfood.

WEEKEND UPDATE - fairly funny jokes... ORTIZ on commercial messages...  Best line...   "Do you suffer from  depression? ... Don't"   He was good.  BAR MITZVAH BOY not so much.

And this next sketch is what happens when you did it ONE TIME and your cousin comes to your engagement party.

UNDERCOVER SHARPTON was funny but, actually, it made no sense at all. Neither did 420, even if you know what they're talking about. "Stop Making Sense" appropriately is the leadoff to one of the next commercials.

HERMAN & SONS going out of business sale has sperm to go.

And that's a wrap.  Good show!

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