Sunday, November 17, 2013


SNL - NOV 16, 2013 - LADY GAGA with musical guest LADY GAGA

This was one of SNL'S better shows. There were no duds. While there was little hilarity, every sketch was interesting and funny. The writing style seemed to be just a bit different from previous shows: more grounded and more nuanced, and notably avoiding "incompetence humor".

Here's a brief recap:

COLD OPEN: Setting the tone for the night, the Mayor of Toronto was skewered, effectively, humorously, but not hilariously. (With a nod to 60 Minutes believing in the Mayor.)

MONOLOG: Setting the tone for her performances, Lady Gaga rocked with a perfectly executed, energetic tribute to cheap applause.

FAKE COMMERCIAL - PAXIL: A treatment for second term problems. Lots of pills for medical insurance systems.

WAKING UP WITH KIMYE: A not terribly interesting take on the Kardashian sound, and the Apple Store look.

WAAT- THE WORST COVER SONGS OF ALL TIME: Some covers were funnier than others. I liked the Counting Crows hair do.

LADY GAGA'S sets were energetic, crazy, entertaining, and fun! LOTSA ENERGY!

WEEKEND UPDATE: Good jokes. The MR SENIOR video trying to save Thanksgiving from being crushed and forgotten in the rush from Halloween to Christmas was great. (But he missed the fact that Hanukkah starts ON Thanksgiving this year! -- Won't happen again for 70,000 years or so I'm told.) GETTYSBURG ADDRESS CRITIC had some funny moments.

CO-OP BOARD INTERVIEW: A simple sketch leading to a simple punch line.


REQUIEM FOR BLOCKBUSTER: A touching tribute to BLOCKBUSTER and those who gave their lives to serving there.

TALENT PAGEANT: The parents in the audience cheerleading their kid in the talent show. Funny, but it could have gone even further into madcap.

LADY GAGA IN 50 YEARS: A really interesting sketch with Lady Gaga at home in her apartment with smeared lipstick, a bent frame, lots of trophies, and the landlord not remembering her at all. In a nice touch, circling back to her monolog she has a clapping machine finish the sketch.

ROSE ZONE: A show with the highlights of "reality" show mayhem. "HOT GARBAGE 24/7".



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