Sunday, February 13, 2011



Here's some notes on tonight's SNL (In reverse chronological order):

Fine show. Russell Brand was a fine host. He bled for us!

"Are you gods or are you men?" "I killed George Washington." "That did not go as planned." British flag over the WHITE HOUSE.

Spiderman doesn't allow reviews yet. Unless they have a quote they can use in the ads.

SNL job opening -- Head writer in charge of making sure every skit has a funny ending.

A Spot of Tea (Pouring Tea Causes Earthquakes) Nonsensical. But funny.

Livin' Single... Good to the very end... and all the body parts in between.

Weekend update -- Sharp. Gets better. Peaks at Hosni Mubarek - Stays a great one 'til... alas... the ending.

The King's Taster aka The King's Speech. -- Great sketch.

British Film Preview hilarious. There's some future tough guys on the SNL cast.

Funny travel sketch goes blah at ending. Someone needs to be on-call to re-write the ending of certain sketches.

Host monologue -- Russell Brand is funny.

Spiderman Injury Attorney -- better than Conan parodies.

Pre-credits sketch starts promising ... peters out. (O'REILLY & OBAMA ... yes "O'Reilly" really is bigger in the title -- Actually it's the same font size, but O'REILLY looks bigger than OBAMA because of the shape of the letters.)

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