Sunday, January 30, 2011



SNL really up tonight. Jesse Eisenberg doing great. Most of the writing better than normal.

Can't tell which is which... the real Zuckerberg or the real Jesse. Both on SNL. Twins.

What restraint! Jesse & Mark together & a "Social Network Revolution" in Cairo and not one social network joke on SNL. (Well, maybe one, when Mubarek appeared on the "news.")

Some almost classics:

The early Science Show sketch was terrific up until the end, when it needed a real ending and just sort of wimped out.

The opening hit some of the necessary jokes but left out the opportunity to tell some bad-history jokes. A "JayWalking" segment would have been an appropriate way to highlight our Congresswoman's level of historical uncomprehension.

Some highlights:

The "Creepy" SNL Digital Short.

The Spa ... Remember... Pamper and refresh!

Mubarek was one of the best visitors to the news desk, ever.

The closing home-made "Penis Shriveler" commercial.

Jesse Eisenberg was very good (and in lots of sketches), and Nicki Minaj was the rare musical guest who aced a role in a sketch, as the booty favored Wife of Blackenstein.

SNL - Saturday Night Live

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