Thursday, October 16, 2008


HIFF 2008 DAY 1

The Hamptons International Film Festival
(HIFF) opened Wednesday Oct 15 with Valentino: The Last Emperor (and then a party at the beautiful Gurney's Inn). With its parties, premieres, previews, panels, prizes and generally relaxed and pleasant presence, HIFF can be one of the most enjoyable of the major festivals. Here are a few random images from this year's festival:

Greg Kinnear stars in Flash of Genius, the winner of the Sloan Prize, and the subject of a panel discussion on Friday.


The director, Patrick Read Johnson, with the editor of 77.


Kate Pearson, from the Documentary Channel.


Pete Schuermann, the director of Haze.


Matt Tynauer, the director of Valentino: The Last Emperor.


Hannah Herzsprung, the charming and beautiful star of Werther,
last year a "rising star," this year returns as a risen star
(specifically a "shooting star").
Hannah is fast becoming an actress of major stature,
with great success this past year.
She appears this December with Ralph Fiennes and Kate Winslet
in The Reader.


Plum TV at work.

All photos by Eric Roffman for QPORIT.

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