Monday, September 03, 2007



For breakfast I had a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Then I had an English muffin with jelly, and some coffee, followed by fresh fruit: some grapes, an apple and two strawberries.

After breakfast, I looked at the New Scientist, where an article on breakfast began by saying it was a myth that a breakfast rich in carbohydrates was good brain food. "In fact," it said, near the start of the article, "eating breakfast can be worse for mental and physical performance than going hungry."

I wanted to read the rest of the article and report on it here, but I just couldn't concentrate.


1- New Scientist charges to read articles online. Here's a link to the article preview.

2- The gist of the article is a study of the way that glucose gets to the brain to nourish it.

3- My own personal, anecdotal experience has been that breakfast with eggs or other protein is most important for a good start in the morning.

4- Understanding of nutrition and its effects is a rapidly changing science, and just about every report being published now is a piece of partial information, with a clear view of the big picture still some time away. It will be especially important to understand how to personalize the nutritional needs of each individual. Information in any one story at this point is likely to be re-interpreted as more comprehensive information becomes available.

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