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Cornelia Street Cafe has a remarkable program of concerts, lectures, readings, story-telling, plays and other things.

On Sunday, Dec 4, 2005, at 6:00 there will be a program called ENTERTAINING SCIENCE, hosted by Nobel Prize winning chemist Roald Hoffmann. The topic will be:

"NEON! Something about intense, clear, colored light delights the eye and mind. Light artists Kenny Greenberg and Clare Brew, teaming up with dancer and choreographer Rachel Cohen, will create synaesthestic light fantasies for us. Roald Hoffmann will lapse into his professorial mode, and do a show-and-tell on emission, absorption, and line spectra, while Oliver Sacks recounts the remarkable history of the noble gases."

ENTERTAINING SCIENCE is hosted by Hoffmann at the Cafe regularly, once each month. The last program was called IMPROVISING ON CHAOS. I liked the talk, the music, and some of the poetry. Cover is $10. There is a one drink minimum. Reservations are probably necessary. The room is long and narrow, so it's best to come early and sit close. (One demonstration was presented so low it was real had to see from the back.)You can even order food. I didn't try any, but it looked very good.

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