Thursday, November 03, 2005



For at least a week, AOL has not been forwarding all mail from external senders to all accounts at AOL.

According to AOL, some mail arrives, some is delayed, and some will arrive eventually.

In my case, last night I tested AOL and tried to send mail from HOTMAIL and another site to AOL. It did not arrive. I did receive some delayed mail today, Thursday (some delayed from Tuesday). I do not know if all mail that has been sent to me recently has arrived.

According to AOL, all mail will eventually arrive, after the problem is fixed.

They do not have a date for when the problem will be fixed.

Here is an excerpt from the transcript of an online help chat session. The grammatical errors by the AOL Tech are exactly as in the original transmission.

11:23:16 PMAOLTechRSI -- There is a system problem which affects the email server and the email that are being sent to you will arrive once this was fixed.
11:23:46 PMYou -- When did the problem start?
11:24:00 PMAOLTechRSI -- It started a week ago.
11:24:54 PMYou -- Is outgoing mail affected? Can I be sure that all mail that I sent arrived, or is that delayed also?
11:25:12 PMAOLTechRSI -- Outgoing mail are not affected.
11:26:21 PMYou -- I have gotten some mail during the last week. Does the problem depend on where the mail is coming from?
11:27:31 PMAOLTechRSI -- It does not matter where the mail comes from. Because the email server is having a problem, you might arricve as soon as it was sent and sometimes delayed.
11:28:32 PMYou -- Is there any estimate for when the problem will be solved and the missing mail will arrive?
11:29:01 PMAOLTechRSI -- We do not have an estimated time on when it will be available. We appreciate your support and patience in this matter.

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