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Quick Flick World (QFW) is almost terrific.


Every other month QFW has screening parties all over the world. At the parties they announce a theme for the next movie. (See below for the current theme!) Filmmakers all over the world make really short (under 3 minute) films related somehow (any way at all!) to that theme -- using live action, animation, anything. Then there's a new round of parties all over the world at which the new, locally made films are shown, together with the best films from all over the world that were shown at the previous parties -- with the previous theme. Then some of the films are published online at the Quick Flick World Website.

It's fun! It stimulates film making. You meet other filmmakers. Some of the films are very good.

=> Make a film now! Bring it to the Dropoff. Come to the Screening Party! See the info later in this post and check out the QFW website for details:


QFW ran in New York a while back for a year or so, then it vanished in NY while continuing in many other cities around the world. It has just returned to NY.

=>"Have fun making a film. Network at a screening of your film at a party in a hip bar..."

So far, so good.

SOME SUGGESTIONS FOR THE QFW TEAM (see below for suggestions for filmmakers!) ---

Here's what needs to happen -- in my opinion -- for this to really work well.

1 -- The Screening Parties:

It's nice for the party to be at a hip bar. BUT it is essential that

A -- the screening must have good audio
B -- the screening must have good video (bright, sharp video, dark room)
C -- networking must be easy (name tags help -- with name, film you worked on, role -- actor, director, etc)
D -- everyone in the room when the screening takes place should be there for the video (so that they watch it, they listen, they don't talk during it; and so that networking works)

(and, please, no smoking!!!)

2 -- The website:

A -- Should show contact information for the people running the whole project, and for the curator and organizers of the local affiliate. (This used to be on the web site, but is not there now.)

B -- The website should be more organized with respect to what videos it hosts. (The site used to list all the directors, and host all the selected films from each theme. But the site now shows only a few films and it's not clear why those films are there.)

C -- It would be great if the website included Web 2.0 social networking features like comments and discussion threads, to encourage communication between QFW filmmakers around the world. The QFW site could/should be the HUB for indie filmmakers.

Terrific screening parties and a more full-featured, transparent website would go a long way toward making QFW a really important force in popular filmmaking.



The current theme is B-MOVIE. There is an "optional technical parameter," costume.

So the film should have some (any!) connection with "B-Movie" and, perhaps, use or relate to "costume"s.

It shoud be 180 seconds or less. Any genre, any filmmaking technique.

The film must be delivered to the local "curator" on Film Dropoff Day (listed for each location on the QFW website) In NY, the next Film Dropoff is at the Legion Bar (790 Metropolitan Ave, Bkln) on Wed May 26, 2010 -- 7 PM. If there is a contact for the local curator listed on the QFW site (all should be, but some are, some are not -- NY is not) then it may also be possible to transfer the film online.

The next screening party in NY is at Legion Bar (790 Metropolitan Ave, Bkln) on Wed June 2, 2010 -- 8 PM
Everyone is invited, whether you've been involved in making a film or not.


The format of the film is not officially specified, but depends on the "curator" who sets up the screening in each city. Here, below, are some suggestions for NY, which probably work most places.
(At the Film Dropoff, compatibility issues can be resolved in person, between the fillmmaker and the curator).

"We ask people to submit their Quickflicks(QFs) using the best quality possible, but not compressed as Flash, H.264 or MPEG files, because we have to combine all submissions into a DVD project file in the end. That means that the submitted QFs will be compressed then into an MPEG2 movie and AIFF audio file for the screening and the server.

"We are moving forward toward an HD format, but it will take some time to complete the process.

"MOV(Apple ProRes) is the best format because I (the NY curator) use Apple's Compressor and DVD Studio Pro. I'm not sure whther the Compressor can handle AVI and/or WMV format since I never tried and nobody has sent that format yet. Many Windows users use Adobe Premiere, and it can export an MOV file.

"For resolution, filmmakers can submit their film as SD, 720 and/or 1080. 720:480 is still our standard for screening at the party and saving in the server. Aspect ratio is up to the filmmakers. They can add a letter box to make 16:9, or just use 4:3 without any letter box and squeezing. Furthermore, progressive or interlaced are both OK.

"Frame rate is up to the filmmaker, and we can accept either 24(23.98) or 30(29.98)pfs. I'm not sure we can handle PAL here in the US.

"To conclude, filmmakers can submit their best quality film in 1080p(i), 720p(i) or SD(720:480) with 24(23.98) or 30(29.98)pfs.

"Filmmakers can drop off their film with an internal and or external HDD and/or DVD at the Film Dropoff, because I will bring my laptop and external HDD to import their files.

"But they should be aware that when burning a DVD to pass me their data, they should make a data DVD instead of a video DVD. When making DVD video, their film is compressed down to MPEG2 files, and that won't work for us to make a new DVD and save their work on our server.

"We cannot accept Mini-DV tape format since I don't have the hardware to read the data."

In addition to passing the film directly to the curator at the Film Dropoff, it may also be possible to pass the film to the curator by uploading it to a hosting site like or, from which the curator will download it. This must be worked out in person with the curator.

This information above is specific to NY, but probably similar around the world.

Some suggestions for filmmakers:

1 - Have fun.

2 - In addition to designing your film to play well on a good computer screen, since it may also be screened in venues with mediocre audio and video, and in foreign countries, using bright clear video images and subtitles for the dialog may help the presentation of your film at the screening parties.

3 - Come to the Screening Party even if you do not have a film (yet). You'll network with other filmmakers and the QFW organizers. And you'll get the new theme right away to get a jump on the next film!

QFW chapters are currently in twelve sities around the world:

Buenos Aires
Mexico City
New York
Sao Paulo
Tel Aviv

With so many actors, acting schools, film schools, film studios, ex film-students, future film stars and directors, and ad agencies, you'd think NY could and should be a QFW hotspot.

So, that's the story... I made a few short films inspired by QFW while it was in NY the last time. I'm looking forward to making some new films. B-Movie sounds like fun!

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